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Tora 1

June 2013

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Tora 1

Collection sale !!! Aline Nine

All Prices include Paypal fees !
Since I have had bad experiences using non registered shipping, all items will be shipped registered. BUT I will pay the extra registered shipping fee, you'll pay the economy fee.

List below updated on 31 July 2017, no need to check the comments if available, will update frequently or let you know if someone else commented first on the item you'd want.

My Feedbacks

The GazettE DVD DimScene First Press New/Sealed - 40 euros
The GazettE DVD Nameless Liberty Six Guns First Press - Used/like new - 50 euros

The GazettE BUG DVD - used/like new - 15 euros
no title

The GazettE Tshirt Both New/Sealed - 50 euros EACH (Tshirt on the right SOLD)
Ring Black Moral - 15 euros
sales 151212 044

Gackt Photobook - Used/like new - 30 euros
Barks - Used/Like new - 5 euros
sales 151212 047
Alice In WondeRland Tour 2005 towel wristband and Uchiwa VERY RARE - Sealed never opened/used !! 40 euros

Alice Nine First Live Hand-Wristband VERY RARE - Sealed never opened/used !! 25 euros

Alice Nine Wristband Tour 2006 RARE - Sealed never opened/used !! 15 euros

Alice Nine Necklace Discotheque Tour - Sealed never opened/used !! 12 euros

Alice Nine Keychain Royal Straight Flash Tour - 12 euros

Alice Nine Tora Pillow - not used - plastic cover not included 25 euros

Alice Nine Album 9 - Sealed 12 euros

The GazettE Meaningless Art that People Showed Japanese Edition First Press - Used but like new condition - 35 euros

D'espairsRay DVD First Press release case Used but like new condition - 25 euros

Girugamesh DVD Crazy Crazy Crazy Tour First Press release - used but like new condition - 40 euros

Girugamesh Tshirt Crazy Crazy Crazy Tour - New/Sealed - 35 euros
Girugamesh Wristband - New/Sealed - 12 euros
sales 151212 043



Hi there!! Can you tell me how much the Alice Nine DVD would cost including shipping to South Africa??? :)
Hi ! Thanks for your interest. I just checked and economy shipping is 8.30 registered 13.30 euros. So total incl paypal fees eonomy 24.20 or registered 29.40 euros. Let me know what you think ? Thanks !
Hi! I'd really like the Peace & Smile DVD and the Girugamesh DVD, but could you tell me how much the total would be with shipping to the UK please?
Hi ! Economy shipping would be 6,40 euros, registered 11.40. Totals through paypal economy 31.60 or registered 36.80. Let mr know what you think ? Thx !
I'm interested in Alice Nine t-shirt with leopard (is that leopard?? lol) on it. How much would be shipping to Slovakia, please? ^^
Hi ! Yep thats a leopard short, Shou style I guess ^^ Shipping is 4,40 euros total with paypal would be 20 euros. If okay you can direclty send payment to toraminx@gmail.com or leave me your paypal address for a money request. Thanks !
Just curious of which alice nine items
Are left?
Hi, my sales entry is current, almost anything is still available. Just the Tiger tshirt is on hold and the short with top has been sold. Let me know if you'd be interested in something, cya !
Hello, I have a few questions about the stuff listed above.

1. Are the 2 Alice Nine CDs in the second row with photocards or without? (Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi and Yuri wa Aoku Saite)

2. Is the price for one GazettE Uruha photo 2 Euros or both together for 2 Euro?

3. Are all Photos and Cards with Tora in the picture above only available with the other things in the picture or not?

4. Can you tell me how much the 2 Alice Nine CDs (first question), the two Uruha Photos, the Wristband from Tora and the Photosets from Hiroto, Nao and Shou would cost including shipping to Germany?

Thank you for your answer :)
Hey, thanks for your interest ^^ Someone is interested already in the Tora wristband before you, I'll keep you updated on it. For the other items all are available. For your first question, yes the extra covers will be included. Second question its 2 euros for both the digiphotoes. For your 3rd question, is it the set you're talking about ? If yes, then I will not be spliting up the digi or photocards, sorry about that. Yep sure, I've rounded up the total without the wristband for now (shipping will not differ) Economy shipping would be 6,40 euros and total either through banktransfer is 49,40 euros but 47 would be good or through paypal 51,40 euros but 49 would be good. If the Tora wristband becomes available totals would be plus 7 euros. Let me know what you think ? Thanks !

Is the Alice Nine Big Bag still available?
Hi ! There's someone else interested but I'll keep you updated ^^ Thanks

Is the Rock and Read with Aoi on the cover and the two Uruha photo cards still available? If so, could you tell me the price of shipping to USA would be please?^^
Hi ! The Rock and Read is still available but there's someone before you interested in the digiphotos of Uruha. Either way shipping will remain the same, its 7.70 euros to ship it (economy) total would be 23.60 with shipping and paypal fees but I can give you a little discount cause shipping is heavy, I'd be glad with 20 euros. If the digi's become available I'll let you know, if they do then just add the 2 euros.
Let me know what you think ? Thanks !
Hello i want ask that D'espairsRay - CLoser to ideal, is all time to sell?
hey there
I'm interested in buying the Gazette shirts.. And maybe the ring too. What size are the items? and could you post a better pic of the ring (and of the prints of the shirts)?
Thank you :)
Hi ! Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay. The tshirt on the left is still available and the ring. I'll try to send some pictures with reply, hope it works with my phone. In the back of the tshirt if I remember correctly the tour dates are on there. Its free size usually is Medium. The size of the ring 1.4 / 1.5 cm measured inside.